Happy Halloween

Pretty Please (1)

October 31 is approaching and I wanted to pass along a few thoughts. I realize this topic can be tricky.  However, as Christians we often pray for gospel opportunities. Have you considered that Halloween just might be the answer to our prayers?

Once a year our non-Christian neighbors come knocking on our door asking for our time and attention.  They want something from us! Yet many of us have been taught to lock the door, turn out all the lights, and pretend like we are not home.

I recognize the origins of Halloween. For those who argue that we should not participate in this holiday because of its origin, do you know the origin of Christmas and Easter? These were both pagan holidays that Christians “stole” in order to celebrate their own traditions. If this is your conviction (don’t participate because of its origin) but you joyfully celebrate Easter and Christmas, then I would suggest you need to be consistent – either be open to celebrating Halloween (in a manner that promotes the gospel), or stop celebrating these other holidays.

The Bible calls us to be “in the world but not of the world” (see John 17 and I John 2). Additionally, we are to be cheerful givers (2 Corinthians 9). Here’s my point: what if we were known for giving the best Halloween candy on the block? What if our house was “THE COOLEST” house to visit? What if there was soda or hot chocolate for kids, coffee for adults? What if it was THE place that people talked about? I’m not suggesting you have to decorate with skulls, skeletons, and celebrate the dead. There could be pumpkins, and a tent, and a lot of lights, good music, and fun people. As my pastor has suggested, “Christians should throw the best parties.” Or, maybe Christians should just have the best candy.

Your neighbors are going to knock on your door for Halloween. Will you have some fun candy? Or, will you turn off the lights, and pretend like you are not home? Something tells me that Jesus would NOT be hiding from them!