Accountability Worksheet

God has called men to train ourselves for Godliness (1 Timothy 4:7) and accountability is an important part of maintaining discipline. At we are continually striving to provide helpful resources to men in order that they can be and act as the men God has called them to be. Below we have an Accountability Worksheet (Both in PDF and Excel) that assists in tracking Personal Daily Time with the LORD, Porn-free Purity, and accompanying memory verses to assist in the struggle.*

The Excel file is included as well so you can also manipulate the requirements and memory verses to your own situation. If you struggle with anger, you might change the “Porn-free Purity” to read “Anger-free Purity”. You could substitute references that deal with the issue of anger. If you struggle with exercise, you might add “Exercise” and memorize Scripture that would help you in this category.

Please feel free to download and share these worksheets to men who are fighting pornography or other types of sexual impurity. There are directions on the Worksheet, but please feel free to email us if you have any further questions.

 Accountability Worksheet.pdf

Blank Accountability Worksheet.xls

*Many people might object to “checking the boxes” declaring it a form of legalism, but legalism is attributing righteousness to human works when it belongs solely to the work of Jesus Christ. We are not saying that by using this Worksheet to stay accountable you are righteous and better than other Christians. Rather, because Jesus Christ has taken on your unrighteousness through His death and resurrection, giving you His righteousness, He is calling you to live righteously. In other words, you are called to live out what God has declared to be true about you. Jesus Christ says if your right eye causes you to sin to pluck it out, which is a strong way to say “use whatever means necessary to kill sin in your life.” Sin is terribly serious and we must discipline and train ourselves for Godliness in order that we might be useful to the King. Hopefully this Worksheet will assist you in your desire to live a disciplined Godly life.  

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