Male2Man.com is a website that exists to glorify God by challenging all men to live according God’s original purpose. This website utilizes various mediums to exhort and encourage such Manly living, including articles, quotes, videos, and photos. Everything displayed on this site is free to be shared and distributed to others. It is our hope that this website will be a useful ministry to the Church and we strive to make it more effective, available, and transferable. To best do this we have included many articles from other websites and blogs that pertain to the purpose of our website. The authors and creators of these posts will be given full credit for their work, therefore if you want share to their work, we expect you will give them full credit as well.


Though we utilize many articles, essays, and posts from other writers, websites, and blogs this does not mean that we agree with that person or organization in all matters. There will also be many articles that are posted to show where we might disagree; therefore context must be taken into account when evaluating ideas that could be disagreeable. In fact there are many quotes we present as helpful for encouraging Manhood that are written by non-Christian authors. As stated above this does not mean we adhere to every philosophical or theological belief of the authors we use, but we believe that those quotes are in line with a Christian Worldview and can be supported by Biblical principles.

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